Apricot Oil Cold Pressed


Khalis Things Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil is cold-pressed from the seed of the fruit. It is a light yet emollient oil, high in Oleic and Linoleic acids and vitamin A and E. We cold-press the apricots gently in their raw form to retain all their essential goodness & nutrition.


100% Pure, Unheated, Solvent Free, Raw, Unrefined, Unfiltered. Store in a cool dry place.

  • Reduce Under Eye Circle
  • Firms & Tones Skin
  • Prevents Blackheads
  • Night moisturizer
  • Diminishes Wrinkles
  • Effective for Acne
  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Natural Laxative
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Relieves Asthma
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Apricot Oil Pakistan

Khalis things apricot oil is pure, cold-pressed, and edible. We cold-press the kernels of organic apricots from Northen areas of Pakistan. After extracting the oil, we pack it in small bottles. However, if you need it in bulk quantities, we can provide you them as well.

It is slender; unscented oil squeezed from the seed or portion of the apricot. The oil is very light and has a nutty, fragrant flavor, making it a well-known expansion to numerous culinary endeavors in specific pieces of the world. Let’s see the many significant obscure medical advantages of apricot oil.

Apricot oil, also called the apricot part oil, is scentless oil squeezed from the seed or portion of the apricot. It is one oil that numerous individuals don’t think about its reality. Moreover, the oil is very light and has a nutty, sweet-smelling flavor, making it a mainstream expansion to numerous culinary endeavors in specific pieces of the world. There are two unique assortments of apricot part oil, one utilized for corrective purposes and the other for culinary utilization. This oil has significant levels of nutrient E, nutrient K, and various incredible cell reinforcements, for example, caffeic corrosive and different catechins, all of which add to the medical advantages of this oil. You can utilize it in the region of the back rub. It is flexible and has various benefits, contingent on how you decide to use it.


Saturates the Skin: 

The emollient properties of apricot bit oil help peel and saturate the skin, helping it hold dampness, dispense with patches of dry skin, and mild incendiary conditions, such as rosacea psoriasis and dermatitis. For sustained, delicate, and sparkling skin, rub this oil tenderly on your body day by day. Moreover one can diminish the presence of almost negligible differences and wrinkles around the eyes using this oil.

Improves Hair Health:

Many individuals utilize this oil on their hair and scalp, as it can assist with fortifying feeble hair strands and advance the soundness of hair follicles. It may be used as a hair veil and applied legitimately to the hair scalp and bolts. Additionally, it lessens inflammatory conditions on the scalp, for example, dandruff.

Prevents Cancer:

Apricot oil is rich in reinforcements and can decrease oxidative worry in the skin, uplifting news for individuals experiencing untimely maturing or wrinkles. Therefore these cancer prevention agents can assist with fixing and tone the skin, decreasing the presence of old enough spots, and forestalling cell change, which can prompt malignant skin growth.

Treats Acne:

Applying some portion of this oil to the site of a skin break-out can diminish aggravation and forestall the development of sebum in the organs, treating both the side effects and the fundamental issue of skin break-out.

Heart Health:

Consumption of apricot portion oil can be more beneficial for the heart and the cardiovascular framework too. This oil may bring down the danger of dead myocardial tissue in people. Furthermore one can take this oil in food as a plate of mixed greens dressing and utilize it for cooking specific plans that work out positively for the kind of this oil.

Suggested Use 

Apricot Kernel Oil helps retain elasticity, suppleness and calms irritation caused by eczema and dermatitis. You can take it straight or with salads, desserts, and smoothies. Moreover, it’s a good choice for mature, inflamed, and sensitive skin. This oil is an excellent carrier oil for aromatherapy, massage, and DIY skin and body care formulations. 1 tsp daily.


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apricot oil pakistanApricot Oil Cold Pressed
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