Coconut Oil


Pure Coconut Oil

This oil has been made from the Sirilankan Coconuts. You can either eat it , add it to your diet or apply. Its 100% pure. Keto friendly. Use this oil for making your keto diets.

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Coconut Oil in Pakistan – Cold Pressed for Face, Hair & Body

Pure coconut oil in Pakistan. This is 120ml bottle. This oil can be used for cooking as well as for your skin and hair care. It has its own amazing smell. Generally coconut oils are treated with chemicals or made through distillation. Some people refine it as well using different techniques. Consequently, this involves preservatives in the shape of chemicals. We at Khalis Things cold press oils. Cold press oils are natural and full of natural nutrients which makes them suitable for all type of use. Our oil is one of them. Keto diet mainly requires healthy fats and people use this oil . This oil from Khalis Things is the best coconut oil for keto diet.

We Guarantee you that you will love this oil .

Coconut Oil Benefits

For Hair

Pure coconut oil has benefits for hair. Take some amount of this pure oil and apply in your scalp of the head. Make sure that oil is applied thoroughly and has covered the scalp. Now, you can use the leftover oil on your hands to apply on the length of your hairs. Let it be there for 2-4 hours. Wash with a good shampoo that’s all. You will surely love Khalis Things pure oil and make it your best coconut oil for hair.


For Face

There are a lot of benefits of coconut oil for skin. You might be wondering as how to use this oil on face ? Infact, this oil can be applied on your face. If you just want a minimal application on the face, then utilize one drop per your face section. That is one drop on your left cheek, one on right cheek, one on forehead, one on chin and nose. Massage it softly till the oil is absorbed in the skin pores.

For Beard

This oil has nutrients in it. People use it for a number of reasons like oily skin, acne , hair growth and much more. This organic coconut oil can be used for your beard as well. Just take few drops of the oil and apply on your beard. Moreover, try to apply in the ascending position so as to avoid stress on the skin.



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