Desi Ghee Pakistan- Organic made from Malai – Asli Cow pure Milk Ghee


Pure Desi Ghee. 500 grams.

It is pure & has an organic aroma. A very essential add-on for your kitchen and yummy recipes. Details are mentioned below in the description with some important videos. Dont forget to check them out.

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Desi Ghee in Pakistan – A healthy and delicious choice

Add Good nutrition to your meal with Khalis desi ghee. Make your breakfast yummy and healthy. If you’re sensitive to lactose or cook at high temperatures, ghee is the better choice. It is a more suitable option than commercially prepared butter as it has a feebler fat content. So, don’t be hesitant to use it. Always remember that you can make pure ghee with cow’s milk. Our shelf-stable ghee is spreadable at room temperature. No refrigeration is required. The purity of Khalis Things Desi ghee allows it to intensely penetrate and nourish the cell as it moves through the lipid membrane of the cells. For this reason, the food cooked in it will be drawn deep into the body, where they impart the most benefits.


What is Ghee Desi?

Do you remember as kids, Parents used to give us a spoonful of desi ghee daily? Yes, it was given to boost our immunity and make our bones strong. Actually, desi ghee acts as a solid microbial, anti-cancer, and antiviral agent. Nevertheless, it is a magnificent source of fat-soluble vitamins that assist in the growth and development of bones.


Pakistan’s Cow Ghee has one of the highest flash points (485 Degree Fahrenheit), making it the best alternative for high-temperature cooking.
Let us start by considering the fact that it contains proteins, Omega 3, Omega 9 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, E, and K. It is one of the most eminent sources of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, nine phenolic anti-oxidants, and various other minerals.
Ghee Provides All needed ingredients to the body, which work hard and requires more energy than ordinary people. Moreover, it is a rich source of Butyric acid, which promotes Digestion of the Body. It’s a natural Booster. It is very beneficial in balancing the hormones and lowers weight. Strengthens immunity, helps in bone development and improves your skin.
Furthermore, it lowers unhealthy cholesterol levels and boosts good cholesterol levels, thus sustaining a healthy balance.

Price in Pakistan

Desi ghee price in Pakistan for 1kg is Rs 3000 PKR and for a pack of  500grams is for Rs 1650 PKR.


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500g, 1000g


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