Matcha – Buy Pure Matcha Powder Tea in Pakistan


Culinary Matcha Powder is Antioxidant-Rich!

Matcha tea. Matcha in Urdu remains matcha as there is no Urdu name to it. This matcha powder is finely powdered ceremonial grade matcha powder. Matcha teas have plenty of benefits. 

How to make matcha tea?

Matcha green tea is made by simply adding one teaspoon of matcha powder to hot water.

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Matcha-  Powder & tea

Matcha is a superfood. It is packed with natural nutrients. A healthy life needs healthy food. Matcha powder is one of the essential superfoods you must have in your daily diet.

  • Matcha is finely milled green tea leaves
  •  Tastes excellent as a tea and is perfect in every culinary kitchen
  •  It Can be adopted for sweet & savory dishes





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