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About Our Company

Khalis Things was launched in 2013 by Yogi Baqer for his yoga students. He found out that sourcing Pure & Quality Organic Products was very difficult. Yogi Baqer decided to launch KhalisThings so everyone has access to quality organic products with ease. That’s the story of Khalis Things. Khalis Things is the only company which ensures the top quality of all products in here. Our products are made by using the latest scientific techniques which ensure the maximum nutrients and quality. We have three Office in total.

1. London ON, Canada.

2. Stanmore , UK.

3. Islamabad, Pakistan

The Crew

Our Team

Meet our team of Experts. Our customer obsessive approach, the motive of 100% Customer Satisfaction has kept us moving. Here at Khalis Things it’s like a family. Every employee is motivated in achieving our goal of Healthy Pakistan.

Let’s work together on Healthy Pakistan

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