Robinia Honey

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Robinia Russian Olives  Honey in Pakistan

Robinia Honey is the only honey that is 100% pure, natural and organic. It’s harvested from robinia flowers found in Australia, New Zealand ,South America & Pakistan. The honey has a unique flavor as it contains essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes which are all naturally occurring. This Honey is also known for its ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. It’s great for use with hot drinks like tea or coffee, but it can also be used to sweeten yogurt or baked goods! Add a spoonful

Pakistan is a country with rich flora and fauna. There are many types of Honey in Pakistan like Sidr Honey, Acacia Honey & Robinia Olives Honey. The robinia honey in Pakistan is most famous among the locals as well as the foreigners, using robinia honey for wellness is becoming common these days because of it’s unique health benefits.

Russian Olives Honey Main Benefits:

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Cleanses Digestive System
  • Prevents Cancer & Heart Disease

The robinia trees are found in the Northen Areas of Pakistan. It grows to about 11 meters high and its flower color varies from white to pale pink or purple. The robinia tree blooms only once every 3 years, but during this short flowering period, it will release huge amounts of tiny white flowers which can cover up to 10 acres! This extremely short flowering season makes this honey a rare and sought-after delicacy.

The robinia tree flowers for just 8 to 9 days, but during that short period of time it will release huge numbers of tiny, white flowers that can form a thick blanket over 10 acres! This extremely short flowering season makes this honey a scarce and sought-after treat.

Price in Pakistan

Robinia Russian Olives Honey  price is rs 999 for 500g Pack.



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robinia russian olives honey in PakistanRobinia Honey
Original price was: ₨1,199.00.Current price is: ₨999.00.
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