Moringa Oil – Cold Press from Seeds


Khalis Things introduced Moringa products in Pakistan back in 2013. One of them is this Cold Pressed Moringa Oil.

  • Hydrates Skin
  • Prevents Dryness
  • Rich In Natural Vitamin C
  • Protects Against Pollution
  • Heals Sun Spots
  • Anti Aging
  • Controls Oily Skin
  • Natural Cleanser
  • Diminishes Stretch Marks 
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Anti Oxidants 
  • Maintains Hair And Nail Health

While many people and online sites will tell you to use it with a carrier oil that’s used with a carrier oil when you have diluted it, and your moringa oil isn’t cold-pressed. When your oil is not natural, you can not ingest it or apply it directly. However, Khalis Things organic moringa oil is 100% pure, and it can be used for your diet and applied directly on your body, skin, and hair. Moringa seed oil price is Rs 1540. It’s a 30ml glass dropper with no additives, preservatives, or dilution. It’s Pure, Raw, Natural & unrefined.


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Moringa Oil in Pakistan:-

Our Commitment to Quality: Sourced directly from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, Khalis Things takes pride in offering the finest quality cold-pressed Moringa oil in Pakistan.

A Global Legacy: The Moringa plant, with its rich heritage, has rooted itself across continents – from the heartlands of Africa, India, Pakistan, to the shores of the Philippines, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and beyond.

Nature’s Pharmacy in a Tree: Each part of the moringa tree brims with nature’s goodness, making it a cherished choice for medicinal and nutritional purposes:

The Marvel of Moringa Seeds: These tiny powerhouses are more than just seeds. Packed to the brim with vital nutrients, they’re a natural treasure trove of:

  • Protein: Building blocks for your body
  • Tocopherols: Potent antioxidants
  • Monounsaturated Fats: Healthy fats for a balanced diet
  • Sterols: Boosting cellular function and structure

Experience the essence of nature with Khalis Things’ Moringa Oil, and tap into centuries of natural wellness traditions.

Moringa Oil Benefits:-

For centuries, this oil has been used for SkincareHaircare, body care, face care, and other industrial applications moringa oil. In addition, you can apply it, eat it, drink it, or add your salads, shakes, & juices. As it is cold-pressed with zero additives or chemical processes, it is ingestible.

Benefits for Hair –Nature’s Luxurious Elixir:-


Rich Nutritional Profile: Dive into the wholesome blend of Zinc, Oleic Acid, Zeatin, Palitomeic Acid, Linoleic Acid, and an array of vitamins and antioxidants. With an astounding count of 46 antioxidants, Moringa oil stands as a potent defender, ensuring your scalp remains hydrated and protected.

Safeguard & Revitalize: Shield your tresses from the harmful sun, avoid color fade, and bid farewell to dandruff. Experience the luminosity, softness, and bounce that Moringa oil infuses, all thanks to its natural conditioning prowess derived from its protein content. With Zinc actively boosting Keratin production, hair fall will be a concern of the past.

Glistening Shine & Restoration: The intrinsic Behenic acid in Moringa seed oil endows your hair with a mesmerizing shine and unparalleled softness. For those troubled split ends, the amino acids work meticulously, ensuring restoration and repair.

Universal Hair Elixir: Whatever your hair type—be it dry, color-treated, brittle, frizzy, or naturally curly—Moringa oil is the indulgence your hair has been yearning for.

Here’s how to embark on your hair transformation journey:

  1. Dispense a few drops across your scalp with the dropper.
  2. Massage gently, ensuring even distribution.
  3. Let it work its magic for 2-4 hours, though an overnight indulgence promises sublime results.
  4. For optimal results, pamper your hair with this routine thrice a week.

Gift your hair the unparalleled luxury of Moringa oil. Witness the transformation.

Benefits for Skin:-

Legacy of Beauty: The allure of Moringa oil isn’t a contemporary trend; it’s an age-old secret. The sun-drenched landscapes of Egypt have long reveled in its benefits. The Romans and Greeks, with their timeless aesthetic sensibilities, incorporated this oil in creams, balms, perfumes, and even their diets. They discovered its protective power as a natural sunblock and a barrier against the relentless desert dust, all while journeying for months on camelback.

Essence of Pure Skincare: The foundation of radiant skin rests on cleansing and moisturizing, and Moringa oil excels as nature’s dual-action agent. This isn’t just any ordinary oil; it’s an all-encompassing skincare solution that does more than just moisturize. Revel in its capacity to clarify, combat dark spots, and provide unmatched anti-aging benefits. The cosmetics industry is awakening to its wonders, with Zeatin – a potent plant hormone, at its heart. This hormone stands guard, nourishing and safeguarding skin tissues, stimulating cellular growth, and gracefully delaying the signs of aging.

  • Anti-aging: Turn back time and keep those wrinkles at bay.
  • Moisturizes: Dive into deep hydration and velvety softness.
  • Natural Glow: Illuminate your natural radiance.
  • Combats Acne: Declare victory over unsightly breakouts.
  • Diminishes Dark Spots: Even out your skin tone.
  • Rejuvenates: Bestow your skin with renewed vitality.
  • Cleanses: Purge impurities for crystal clear skin.
  • Relieves Pain: Soothe and comfort your skin.

Top skincare aficionados are enamored by Moringa oil, and with these benefits, it’s clear why. Embrace the legacy, experience the magic.

 How To Use Moringa Oil?

  • Using the dropper, dispense a few drops of the oil.
  • Gently apply one drop to each section of your face.
  • Massage softly until the oil is fully absorbed into your skin.
  • For best results, apply 2-3 times daily. Experience the difference for yourself!

Price in Pakistan

Moringa oil price in Pakistan is Rs 1490 for a 30ml full glass dropper.

How is Moringa Seed Oil made?

There are two ways to make oil.

  1. Solvent Extraction
  2. Cold Pressing

Moringa seedsSolvent Extraction technique:-

Most people used the Solvent extraction method. Therefore, the extraction of natural products progresses through the following stages:

  1. The solvent ( Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil ) infiltrates the solid.
  2. The solute ( Moringa Seeds ) diffuses in the solvents.
  3. The solute is diffused out of the solid.
  4. The extracted solutes will settle.

Pros & Cons of Solvent Extracted Moringa Oil:

  • It is cheap.
  • Fast process
  • Easy.
  • It degrades the Oil quality.
  • We cannot call it 100% Pure Moringa Oil if we use solvents.
  • The nutritional profile of the oil will compromise.

Cold Pressing:-

Cold-pressed oil, also called cold-drawn or virgin oil, is purer and has a better flavour than oil formulated with heat assistance. Above all, oil is extracted at room temperature at around 27 degrees centigrade in cold pressing, and the acid value is comparatively low. Therefore, there is no need for any additional steps like refinement or filtrations when you have adopted cold pressing. Cold-pressing seeds make pure seed oil without applying temperature. It gives you the pure extract from seeds, and what’s left is the oil. Moringa Oleifera oil is Goldenish in colour. As Khalis Things masters in cold pressing all sorts of Oils. Our moringa oil is Pure, Raw, Unfiltered, Untreated & 100% Pure.


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