Sea Buckthorn Tea


Enjoy the goodness of Sea Buckthorn in every gulp for the qualities of more than 190 nutritional compounds and more!!!

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Sea Buckthorn Tea in Pakistan

Let’s boost Your family’s immunity naturally with Sea buckthorn Tea and have a healthy lifestyle for all our loved ones.

Sea buckthorn is also known as – the super fruit, due to its immense health benefits. This healthy green tea contains multivitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, and other nutrients as well. Many products are made with these plants such as oil, jam and tea. Our sea buckthorn plants are found in the most organic part of Pakistan. Sea buckthorn plant is getting a lot of attention from the cosmetic industry. Thanks to the anti-ageing properties in the plant.

You can use seabuckthorn tea leaves as a natural source of antioxidants, proteins, fatty acids and minerals. All of the aforementioned nutrients are effective for regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and improving immunity.

It is a 50g Pack of pure sea buckthorn tea.


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sea buckthorn teaSea Buckthorn Tea

Availability: 65 in stock (can be backordered)

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