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Pure tea tree essential oil.



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Tea Tree Oil in Pakistan – Pure & Natural

Pure tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an extraordinary natural remedy for acne. It has a lot of other benefits as well for hairs and skin. This oil is a significant ingredient in many beauty products.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil



Tea tree is a vital source of natural moisturizer. It will help you combat dryness and itching issues. It is equally beneficial for dry scalp. To make more use of it, add few drops of our oil to any cold-pressed carrier oil. Mix it well and apply. Moreover, Men can also use it for their beards to keep them smooth, soft, and itch-free. 


You can use this oil to protect those shedding strands. Tea-tree oil will increases the blood flow near the follicles of the hair and promote hair growth. We suggest combining it with a powerful carrier oil like Moringa Oil, Olive Oil, or Sea Buckthorn Oil.


Many people having oily skin perceives oil as incompatible with them. In contrast, this essential oil can cleanse the oil produced by the skin without damaging the skin cells. To cater to the issue mentioned above, you can add this oil with a carrier like apricot oil and apply it to your skin.


If you are worried about your dark spots, calm down. This oil has some healing properties, which shall diminish the scars that cause you uneasiness and arbitrate the appearance of your skin.


You can use tea tree oil to control your acne—the solid antibacterial properties of this oil helps clarify the skin by combating acne-causing bacteria. When you apply this oil, you dump the dirt from the clogged skin pores. The range of Carrier oils we recommend to combat acne is Sea buckthorn oil and Moringa oil. 

Price in Pakistan

Tea tree oil in Pakistan from Khalis Things is Rs 990 for a 30ml glass dropper.


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