chia seeds in urdu

Chia Seeds in Urdu

Chia seeds are gaining popularity day by day. With this people in Pakistan have been wondering about the name of Chia Seeds in Urdu. Their health benefits have compelled all the health freaks out there to try it. Chia is a small seed that can be sprinkled over your salads, added into your juices/shakes, or can be eaten raw as they are a superfood, hence they are loaded with a lot of nutrients. They have a very strong nutritional profile. There are three types of Chia Seeds.

1. Black Chia Seeds

2. White Chia Seeds

3. Brown Chia Seeds.

chia seeds in urdu

What are Chia Seeds in Urdu ?

Some people assume that Chia Seeds are called ‘Tukhm-e-Sharbati’ or “تخم شربتی” in Urdu, whereas Tukhm-e-Malanga is the Basil Seeds. Well, That’s wrong! Chia seeds are not Tukh malanga neither are they called Tukhm e Sharbati. They all are different.

Chia does not have an Urdu name. It is not a native crop. In past years Chia had been imported for people and was available at some top grocery stores in big cities of Pakistan. Later they have successfully planted in some parts of Pakistan, mainly Sindh. Moreover with this success, more and more people started investing in Chia seeds, and farmers also took an interest in the farming of Chia. Now there is a larger yield of Chia seed in its season. Chia seeds in Urdu is chia seed. 

Now getting chia seeds in Pakistan is not difficult. Get your organic chia seeds in any corner of Pakistan. You will receive it via cash on delivery all over Pakistan.

Try them and let us know how does it help you

What Other Superfoods are important with Chia ?

Superfoods are an essential part of our life. Health is wealth and these superfoods help one in fulfilling the daily nutritional requirements of a healthy body and mind. There are various other superfoods as well like:-

and many others like Maca Coffee in the image below.

In addition to this, you can also incorporate cold-pressed oils in your diet for your organic skincare. Cold-pressed oils play a supportive role in your well-being. Some of the popular ones are:-

and many other oils.

You can view these Oils here to read out their benefits. Breast enlargement oil is most popular in women because of its chemical-free composition and is an important oil in the skincare routine.

breast oil

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