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Khalis Things by Yogi Baqer Organic Quinoa (whole grain) is considered a “super food”.

Organic Quinoa is gluten-free, has a mildly nutty flavor, high in protein, and has a low glycaemic index. This versatile grain can be used in hot or cold recipes alike and is quick and easy to prepare.

Quinoa is a great alternative to rice and pasta. This 500g pack is

  1. Pre-Washed, Gluten Free. Organic, 100% Whole Grain
  2. Organic, Asian Vegetarian friendly, Vegan friendly, Gluten Free
  3. Alcohol Free, No Hydrogenated Food, No Preservative, No MSG
  4. No Artificial Colourings, No Artificial Flavourings, No Trans Fat
  5. Caffeine Free, No Modified (GMO) Food,
  6. Ideal for everything from soups, stews and salads to desserts and breakfast cereals
  7. A great quick-cooking substitute for rice, couscous or bulgur
  8. Makes delicious cold salads, gives body and texture to soups and stuffing or makes a hearty cereal
  9. Ideal for gluten-free diets
  10. 500g pack

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Best Quinoa in Pakistan 

People who follow a vegan lifestyle often include quinoa in their diet because it is high protein content. Quinoa can be prepared like rice and makes excellent side dishes or an alternative if someone has problems digesting gluten. It’s also simple to add quinoa into your morning breakfast routine.

Quinoa is a grain that can be used in many dishes. It has been consumed for centuries by South American cultures and contains nutrients such as fiber, iron, magnesium, and amino acids. Because of its high protein content, it’s considered an excellent nutrient-dense food to add to your diet.

You might be wondering what is it that makes Khalis Things quinoa the best in Pakistan? Let us see some points which differentiate us from the others.


The results? Unlike Chilean or Peruvian quinoa, ideal for optimal taste and feel. Noticeably bigger, rounder, and heartier grains lend a delicate softness and unimaginable mouthfeel once cooked.

  • SATISFY HUNGER TO FEEL FULLER LONGER – Counter to rice and millet; it provides a substantial amount of fiber (3g) and protein (6g) per individual serving; consequently helping to assuage hunger and curb food cravings all day long!
  • BUILDING BLOCK FOR PROTEIN SYNTHESIS – As a complete vegetarian protein, it provides a broad range of essential and non-essential amino acids, as a result helping support lean muscle mass and supporting enzyme production for daily health.
  • ENRICH MODERN DAY RECIPES – Our quinoa replaces rice at equal ratios and is even suited for rice cookers! Add a unique twist to stir-fry, sushi, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani rice recipes for added nutrition and a naturally nutty flavor in every spoonful.

DE-SAPONIZED for improved flavor: Free of harsh chemical processing, our quinoa is mechanically de-saponized and triple rinsed to remove quinoa’s bitter exterior. Our customers rhapsodize about our quality! “This package was easy to prepare. I just gave it a quick rinse and popped it into the rice cooker.

Price in Pakistan:

You will find different rates for quinoa in Pakistan. It actually depends on the quality. Moreover, we ensure to wash it and make it saponin-free and clean. Furthermore, it has a bigger grain. Its price in Pakistan from Khalis Things is Rs 990 for a pack of 500gm. Its price in Pakistan per kg is rs 1790.


Quinoa benefits

Quinoa is a carbohydrate source that contains quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, it provides high fiber and protein content while being low in fat. It also releases carbohydrates slowly into the body, providing more stable blood sugar levels, unlike most other grains on the market today.

QUINOA – A Superfood with a High Protein Content is helpful in a lot on conditions, only some of them are mentioned below :-

Weight Loss  

Quinoa is high in protein, fiber, and nutrients. It has been shown to help with weight loss by stabilizing blood sugar levels.


Because of its low glycemic index, it is gluten-free and can be eaten by people with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This means that it will not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, common for people with this condition.


It contains iron which helps the body produce energy from food.


Studies have shown that quinoa can be beneficial for those with diabetes because of its low glycemic index. It provides a steady stream of energy to the body without causing blood sugar levels to fluctuate, often seen in people with diabetes.

Quinoa in Urdu

Quinoa is an imported crop. It doesn’t have any Urdu Name. Quinoa in Urdu is as “kin-waah” Some people in Pakistan pronounce it in Urdu as “qiin-waaa”. So quinoa is called “kino-wah” in Pakistan. 

How to cook quinoa ?

How to cook this excellent super grain? That is easy; there are many ways to do it! You can use a rice cooker or even boil it on the stovetop. There are plenty of recipes that you will want to try out, but here is one to get you started:

-Ingredients (serves two) 

-One cup quinoa 

-Two cups of water 

-“Pinch” salt and pepper for taste 

-Directions: Rinse off quinoa thoroughly, then place in the pot with water along with seasonings. Bring this mixture to a boil while stirring it periodically, so nothing sticks or burns onto your pan. Let it continue boiling until there is no more “white foam” appearing at the top of the liquid; once finished, take off the heat source and let sit covered for ten minutes

Quinoa nutrition

One cup contains 220 calories, which gives you 40g carbs, 15g protein, and a decent amount of dietary fiber (20%). It also provides plenty of iron for your daily intake needs (15%) and calcium (15%). Quinoa is also high in fiber, which can help with your digestive health.

Quinoa Salad

Do you love to eat quinoa? If so, then this is the perfect recipe for you! Quinoa salad is a great dish because it’s healthy and delicious. You can eat it as a side or main course. We’ll give you all of the information you need to prepare this tasty dish for your family and friends!

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

 Cook Time: 20-30 Minutes 

Ready In: 35 Minutes

 Servings: 12 People

Ingredients: – 

One cup dry quinoa (rinsed) 

  • Three cups water 
  • Four large tomatoes (diced)
  • Two cucumbers (sliced into cubes)
  • Half an onion (minced finely)
  • One cup of flat-leaf parsley (chopped finely) 
  • One cup of cilantro leaves (chopped finely) 
  • One tablespoon lime juice – Two tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste 


Step one

 Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan, then add the rinsed quinoa. Reduce heat to low, cover pan with the lid, and simmer for 15 minutes or until all water is absorbed into the grain. 

Step two

Now take off the gas stove burner from underneath the pot; let it stand covered for five more minutes on the same hot burner. Use fork fluff grains carefully, so it doesn’t get mushy! Set aside uncovered until room temperature becomes warm enough that you can handle it without burning your hands.

Step three

In a large bowl, add the quinoa and vegetables you have cut up into cubes or small pieces (depending on what kind of salad you like!). Mix in minced onion, chopped parsley & cilantro leaves, olive oil, and lime juice! Add some salt and pepper to taste! Cover bowl with plastic wrap; place in refrigerator until ready for use!

Enjoy your quinoa salad in Pakistan!

Continental Recipes:



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2 reviews for Quinoa in Pakistan – Pre Washed

  1. Kinza Tariq Khan

    Best Quinoa in Pakistan. I am on my weight loss journey and recently moved to Pakistan. I tried several brands and to my surprise none of them had a clean quinoa. I couldnt afford hours for washing it
    They would still feel bitter. I tried Khalis Things quinoa and i would recommend it to everyone to just give it a try. Moreover they offer you a 15 day money back guarantee so you dont need to worry at all.

  2. Abdullah (verified owner)

    Good enough,Nicely Prewashed.

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