Pure Honey – Organic, Wild, Cold-Pressed & Unfiltered Raw in Pakistan

Honey is an interesting food in Pakistan and Worldwide that people have relished for centuries. It has taken on many roles in different cultures’ traditions, used as a sweetener or even as medicine; the uses are varied and unique to each culture. “A typical example is himekari, the first flower of the cherry tree, usually appearing at the end of mid-February or early March. It symbolizes new life and rebirth” . One cannot just underestimate Honey’s symbolism because best honey holds so much cultural value within Pakistan and outside its borders.

How is Honey Made? 

Honey is made from plant nectar, which gathers moisture and solar energy from the air. The bees collect this nectar and put it in their stomachs, where it mixes with enzymes, turning it into Honey. They store this as food for the winter to eat throughout the colder months. In general, there are three types :

Honey varies in colour and flavour. It depends on the plants. The bees collect their nectar from those plants. The colour and taste vary due to the flowers that live in different regions of Pakistan. For example, Sidr is lighter but sweeter than natural acacia (and sometimes contains more pollen)

The Sidr tree is native to East Asia but can be grown in parts of Australia; its flowers provide a very thick and sweet (yet delicious) that has been respected for centuries by countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. Acacia is lighter in texture than Sidr but still provides a unique flavour. Robinia is not acacia nor Sidr, yet produce darker colours that taste great when used with tea superfoods or other desserts.

Honey and health

It has some interesting medicinal properties.

Recent research indicates that it has antibacterial properties and it has been used to treat wounds by placing a small amount into the wound.”

The Sidr tree’s Honey is also believed to help with digestion, but its medical benefits are not as thoroughly documented due to Sidr trees being native to East Asia.

The Sidr honey is excellent for eating on its own or adding to desserts. In contrast, you can use acacia in many different ways since it contains many different flavors that complement other food items perfectly.

Now you can enjoy the Wild Honeys in Pakistan that are unfiltered, raw, organic & Pure.

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